The Works of


Hopelessly Useless Due to the Circumstances of Floating in the Universe


A p5.js sketch with illustration by Arcadia. You can view the source and my goals of this project on GitHub.

5 Principles of Flag Design : Explorable Podcast Proof-of-Concept


A proof of concept explorable that syncs audio with text and graphic demonstrations. You can view the source and my goals of this project on GitHub.

Twitter Ikebana sketch

Building Web Apps within $scope - Curious Components


This episode of Curious Components shows you how to fundamentally create a web app's interface using AngularJS.

Screenshot of draggable contact card

Draggable Contact Card


Created an example of how to use an Angular $scope to created reusable UI components.

DATspace group photo

Electronic Sparring System

2012 - 2013

The Electronic Sparring System is a sensorized sparring gear that uses real-time force and location data to provide video feedback in different modes. My favorite mode was "Play," which augmented a fighting game. I programmed the microcontroller to read the force sensors and wirelessly transmit the results using Xbee modules.

DATspace group photo


2011 - 2013

I co-founded a student organization that holds fun & eclectic workshops to introduce the UCI community to Maker culture and help them develop hands-on skills.

Me drawing with Kinect

Drawing with Kinect


A Max/MSP patch that lets you draw in the air using the Kinect.

Twitter Ikebana sketch

Twitter Ikebana


An artificial Ikebana that captured moments in time by speaking tweets.

Curious%20Components screen shot

Curious Components


A video web series for beginner Arduino hobbyists who want to do more than just blink LEDs.

Me using a Chiptune Music Box

Chiptune Music Box Prototype


A repurposed paper feeder that transforms slits in a paper scroll into music.

Screenshots of CSS Animation

CSS Animation


Inspired by the works of Anthony Calzadilla, I created two CSS animation pieces: Toasts Sword-Fighting and Flying Breadpig.