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5 Principles of Flag Design : Explorable Podcast Proof-of-Concept


A proof of concept explorable that syncs audio with text and graphic demonstrations. You can view the source and my goals of this project on GitHub or on a GitLab mirror.

Twitter Ikebana sketch

Building Web Apps within $scope - Curious Components


This episode of Curious Components shows you how to fundamentally create a web app's interface using AngularJS.

Screenshot of draggable contact card

Draggable Contact Card


Created an example of how to use an Angular $scope to created reusable UI components.

DATspace group photo

Electronic Sparring System

2012 - 2013

The Electronic Sparring System is a sensorized sparring gear that uses real-time force and location data to provide video feedback in different modes. My favorite mode was "Play," which augmented a fighting game. I programmed the microcontroller to read the force sensors and wirelessly transmit the results using Xbee modules.

DATspace group photo


2011 - 2013

I co-founded a student organization that holds fun & eclectic workshops to introduce the UCI community to Maker culture and help them develop hands-on skills.

Me drawing with Kinect

Drawing with Kinect


A Max/MSP patch that lets you draw in the air using the Kinect.

Twitter Ikebana sketch

Twitter Ikebana


An artificial Ikebana that captured moments in time by speaking tweets.

Curious%20Components screen shot

Curious Components


A video web series for beginner Arduino hobbyists who want to do more than just blink LEDs.

Me using a Chiptune Music Box

Chiptune Music Box Prototype


A repurposed paper feeder that transforms slits in a paper scroll into music.

Screenshots of CSS Animation

CSS Animation


Inspired by the works of Anthony Calzadilla, I created two CSS animation pieces: Toasts Sword-Fighting and Flying Breadpig.