Finishing up Arts 60

03/15/2012 06:26 PM

These past two weeks, Luis and I have been placing our final effort into pre-production work.

First we worked on pre-visualization, where we took our storyboard and animated it into something like the written draft equivalent of a filmed episode. Now the first attempt at pre-visualization was done when I was sleep deprived. I took whatever Luis animated and I did dialogue and some editing, which resulted in this silly video. We scraped that and instead worked together. He laid out the initial tracks, I did the dialogue, and he placed the finishing touches. This workflow worked better for our final video and I think that is how we’re gonna work on post from now on.

Lastly, we put together all of the documents we created for Curious Creations and created this PDF proposal (link dead) for the show, complete with interactive table-of-contents.

From now on, all the work will go to producing an actual show. My main worry is that the resulting shows will not turn out as good as I want it to. This is a legitimate project I’m working on and I want it to be as good as it can be, but most class projects I’ve worked on never turn out to be of professional quality. This is mainly because I can’t put my 100% effort into a class project when I have other class projects to work on. Next quarter I will also be creating an artwork for Arts 75 and taking a digital signals class. Again, worried about the strain this will place on my productivity and the quality of my work

Tom Elovi Spruce




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