Lab 1: Returning to classic FCP

01/22/2012 04:34 PM

I’ve switched over to FCPX a while ago, the latest version of Final Pro that ticked off video professionals for being to similar to iMovie and removing necessary features that professionals depend on.

Nonetheless, the techniques I’ve picked up, during High School, for the version of FCP before FCPX still linger to this day. So, when I was assigned a lab assignment using this old version of FCP, I brought back those skills. We were told to generate text, mess with its properties, and add some pictures or other mediums below.

Since I was accustumed to FCP, I decided to experiment a bit with these constraints. Inspired by Make’s Weekend Project opener, I decided to create a bunch of colored squares that changed hues. Instead of placing each square, one at a time, I instead made one row of squares and copy and pasted them and transformed them to appear different. I thought that’ll work in theory (or at least in FCPX), but instead what I ended up with is something that’ll make your eyes bleed. Why? Because I had to export the row of four squares into a compressed movie format than I had to haphazardly arrange all this in the short time I had in the lab.

Anyways, to see my haphazard job, here’s the zip file of my project.

Tom Elovi Spruce




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