Vlogging at the eMedia Studio

12/04/2011 10:02 PM

We pretty much spent the last month setting up a makeshift college bedroom at the eMedia studio. We raised and screwed together some walls, painted the walls white, decorated the inside with stuff from our own apartments, and I carried in prop furniture with Bryan & Luis from across campus. We lit the room, setup the cameras, and we took turns recording our dialogue. The goal of this vlog project is to have one video that is essentially a mosaic or mashup of our collective voice. The room we made is decorated with objects that each of us contributed. For the video itself, each of us are to record a short speech of our opinions of growing up online. I provided my old laptop and in my part in the video, I talked about how people took things too seriously online.

The way we arranged the recording was like this: each of us signed up for a 10 minute session to come in, to the eMedia studio, and record in our collective bedroom. It was difficult trying to speak your mind in 2-5 minutes, so what I did was I spent one take saying nonsense. The reason for this is that most vloggers warm up for their shoot because it is so intimidating to talk to a camera lens. While most vlog posts are a few minutes long, what it took to produce it was a longer process. Vlogs are mainly an improvisational performance that might take one vlogger an hour to record. The point is to split each of your thoughts into blurbs and then edit out the silence and mistakes in between. However, with the short time I had with my session, I didn’t feel like I truly spoke my mind. The video is still in the middle of editing, so it isn’t up yet.

Tom Elovi Spruce




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