Oh Yeah, I Used to Have a Blog!

11/11/2011 06:03 PM

Back in the summer of ’09, a summer after freshman year, I went back home to my parent’s place. I didn’t have a job or school, so I had nothing to do. All I planned to do was design shirts for Threadless. It turned out to be the most unproductive effort of my life. I mainly procrastinated on the internet and I didn’t have a productivity method to stick to. I was also a n00b on Adobe Illustrator and my drawing skills weren’t up to par with professionals (I still suffer from both problems). That free summer was such a wasted luxury; if only I knew GTD or the Pomodoro method back then!

Nonetheless, I did write up a blog, so at least I have an insight into my past life. Hence, the original purpose of a blog (an online journal) has come to use. However, blogs are public, that is why I subscribe to the service Oh Life. They send you daily emails and you reply an entry of how your day went.

Tom Elovi Spruce




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