Assessing my Room for Digital Arts Vlog

10/30/2011 07:18 PM

For UCI Digital Arts, we are creating a video set that will be a makeshift room that will contain a culmination of all the things that represent the students of that class. To have a room that best reflects us, Prof. Jackson has us draw a layout of our room so we’ll see what common features exist in a college student’s bedroom. Mine is essentially my desk and me and roommate’s beds. He has his desk in the living room, where he likes to record his music.

My room is pretty much my computer, my books, my drawings, and my dorky decorations. Everything else is just an accessory. Most of those books are unfinished projects waiting to be read, my illustrations are a continuation of my childhood obsession with drawing, and the Twilight Sparkle toy is there because the internet has swept me into the whole brony madness.

Tom Elovi Spruce



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