(reddit) Rally for Sanity: One Year Later

10/30/2011 11:30 AM

One year ago, redditors talked about Colbert holding a mock rally to poke fun at Glenn Beck’s rally. At the same time, the production team behind John Stewart’s and Colbert’s show were planning a rally as well. When the rally was becoming all the more probable, I kept thinking back and forth if I should go or not. I did and afterwords I uploaded the few photos I took (wish I took more) and wrote about my experience on reddit

That trip was totally worth flunking a class for. I had a fun time hanging out with fellow geeks and redditors. I’m also more of a geek because of that rally and no that doesn’t mean I’m more of a basement dweller. It means I try to go to more reddit meetups and ROFLcon and Comic Con. What I mean to say is that the rally showed me that geeks have a convivial culture and that going to their groupings is a worthwhile endeavor.

Outside of the geek influence the Rally had on me, I try to keep in mind what John Stewart said at the rally.

You need a flash player to see this movie.

Tom Elovi Spruce



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