cicLAvia: Bunny Bar

10/22/2011 10:40 PM

You need a flash player to see this movie.

The final version of my UCI Digital Art group’s video is now online. It is focused on the Bunny Bar event that was held at cicLAvia. This focus in the video only came about because the final editing job was given to Arden after we were critiqued by our class. Before, with the naive attempt at equally distributing jobs, our final edit was jumpy. Hasti and I worked on our own segments, but Arden was the one who put together the final product. I think it was unfair that one student was given most of the editing work. Even though we had a rudimentary delegation of tasks, we were doomed to have at least one person do most of the work. When it comes to working on a single project, like editing, you must at least have software which allows collaboration. I was the odd man out, since I had Final Cut Pro, but even then, we had to swap files between external drives X_X

From these circumstances, if we are assigned a group editing task, I would request at least some project management system to properly delegate tasks. Not just due to fairness, but to at least learn how professional video editors work in groups.

Tom Elovi Spruce




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